Can you take a couple of more orders?

I am the West Coast Partnerships Manager for Orderhero. I am contacting you because we have received several requests for your menu from our customers. Lately, when speaking with restaurant owners, I am hearing that they are still seeing decreases for in-house dining from 20 -40% which is leading to decreased revenue, potential increases in food spoilage losses, we already know how hard it is for some restaurants to get back to pre-pandemic levels with staffing shortages. However, with states beginning to cancel unemployment are you prepared for the workforce to return?

Companies like Orderhero, were built to help bridge this gap and help our restaurant partners continue to capture the revenue when in-house dining goes in decline. Even if this is a stop-gap for a partnership between our companies, we sincerely want to help our partners so they don’t have to make drastic changes to their business.